K-bus controlled Webasto park/auxiliary heater activation module with 4 inputs and 3 outputs.
This controller enables one to operate  BMW K-bus controlled Webasto park/auxiliary heater using +12V signal or negative pulses applied to controller inputs. This controller has additional control outputs for blower fan and water valves activation, also status output for indicator.
Therefore this control unit can be used to install heater in any vehicle and operate additional electronics equipment.

60 EUR

  1. Controller will work only with K-bus controlled Webasto auxiliary heaters found in BMW E38/E39/E53/E46 vehicles. For full list of supported heaters click here.
How to use
  • To activate heater:
    • apply  positive signal (10V - 15V) to controller's "heater on" input;
    • apply negative pulse to controller's "heater on pulse" input;
    • apply negative pulse to controller's "heater on/off pulse" input while heater is turned off.
  • To deactivate heater:
    • remove  positive signal (10V - 15V) from controller's "heater on" input;
    • apply negative pulse to controller's "heater off pulse" input;
    • apply negative pulse to controller's "heater on/off pulse" input while heater is turned on.
    • wait 30 minutes after activation. Turn off time could be set to other values or this option can be deactivated on demand.
  • To open water valves or activate other vehicle functions use relay connected to "active out" output.
  • To activate passenger compartment heating use relay connected to "blower out" output. This output will be activated when coolant temperature is more than or equal to 30C.
  • To see operating status connect indicator to "indicator out" output. There could be the following states:
    • indicator off - heating is not activated;
    • indicator constantly on - heating requested;
    • indicator blinking at period of 1 second - heating active.
Technical information
  • Controller connection example diagram is located here.
  • Controller must be supplied with constant power supply (terminal 30). Power supply wire must be fused with a 2A fuse.
  • Controller is not water resistant. It should be installed inside vehicle passenger compartment.
  • It is possible to configure or add additional functions, like 2 pulses requirement or sequence of pulses (input for OFF then input for ON) for heater start to prevent accidental turn on of heating. Also it is possible to configure "HEATER ON" input to start only circulating pump of the heater. This could be used to increase heating output to passenger compartment while engine is running and heater is turned off. Another good idea is to add additional valve which splits passenger compartment and engine heating circuits. In this way vehicle cabin will be heated up firstly.
    Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas. We could configure some options for free and some for additional charge.
Wiring diagram

One-year limited warranty applies to this product. Manufacturer and supplier do not apply warranty to the park heater and do not take responsibility for the park heater.

Shipping and payment

E-mail: justas@autodarna.lt